Bond Selects HP Autonomy to Deliver Intelligent Recruitment Software Platform

AutonomyBond supports some of the largest staffing organizations across the globe. The company’s flagship solution, Bond Adapt, a specialist portfolio of recruitment applications, is used by the majority of leading recruitment organizations to support their business processes.

The Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) understands the meaning of information in any format, such as text, video, audio or social media data. The ability to recognize patterns, concepts and ideas in this “human information” provides a critical advantage in the recruitment sector, where resumes are not consistently formatted, and use a range of different phrasing or compressed language to convey the same information.

Autonomy IDOL’s ability to understand meaning in this way makes it possible to analyze the complete profile of a candidate, rather than try to match a series of keywords. This represents a first in the recruitment industry, and offers a significant technological leap forward over inadequate keyword matching techniques.

“With Bond Adapt, we help our customers go from hundreds of potential candidates to a tightly focused and relevant pool in just a few clicks,” said Daniel Richardson, chief technical officer, Bond International Software. “Recruiters are highly skilled individuals, and that’s not something you can replace—but what we can do is give them a tool that helps them work more efficiently. With IDOL, instead of 50 loosely related candidates to review, recruiters get the 15 most suitable and work from there.”

With the power of Autonomy IDOL, the Bond Adapt solution can ingest resumes and quickly present the most relevant candidates to recruitment agents. Legacy keyword-based approaches are ineffective here, as they cannot account for varieties of expression or sector-specific terminology.

“What Bond International Software is doing with our technology really underlines the critical strength that only meaning can offer organizations for getting the most out of their data,” said Rohit de Souza, general manager, Power, HP Autonomy. “Recruitment is an area where you need to find the right people quickly and effectively to gain any value, but it’s absolutely critical to make sure that the best candidates aren’t missed.”

Autonomy IDOL helps businesses drive real value from their data, thanks to its ability to understand the meaning in human information. With the majority of enterprise information now being in unstructured formats, the Autonomy IDOL platform offers a unique value proposition for organizations looking to generate greater return on their information.

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