Bond International Software streamlines government reporting and employee onboarding with new integrations for AdaptSuite staffing and recruiting software

Bond AdaptSuite reduces effort and improves staffing and recruiting efficiency with seamless integrations to Greenshades Software for government reporting, and Adobe EchoSign electronic signatures for employee onboarding paperwork.

AdaptSuite staffing and recruiting softwareResponding to the continued growth in temporary staffing, Bond International Software today released AdaptSuite Version 2.3, an innovative front-to-back-office, cloud-hosted recruiting and staffing software, with many enhancements, including new partner integrations that streamline government reporting and employee onboarding for staffing organizations to reduce effort and improve efficiency.

Federal, State and Local government tax reporting requirements are constantly changing – presenting a challenge for staffing companies doing business in multiple states to keep up with those changes and deliver accurate reports. Bond AdaptSuite offers fully-integrated payroll-billing that now includes file transmittal to its partner, Greenshades Software, Inc. Greenshade’s reporting expertise and software is used by thousands of firms, and enables Bond AdaptSuite customers to remain compliant with the latest government filing requirements. The key benefits include:

  • Reporting data is accumulated seamlessly as transactions are processed in AdaptSuite.
  • AdaptSuite allows review of the data before transmission to Greenshades to ensure accuracy.
  • Greenshades Center allows the Bond AdaptSuite Financial Administrator to submit all of their electronic filing from a single location securely and efficiently.
  • Extensive support for e-filing Federal, State, Local and New Hire reporting; monthly, quarterly and annually, including SUTA/SUI, and more.
  • Historical reporting data is available within the Employee Financial section in AdaptSuite.

Another challenge facing staffing companies is the tedious, but necessary, paperwork involved in onboarding temporary employees. Answering that challenge, Bond AdaptSuite now includes a thoughtfully designed employee onboarding process to reduce the effort associated with onboarding. This features integration with partner Adobe Systems Incorporated and its EchoSign product. Adobe EchoSign enables staffing companies to easily move electronically signed employee onboarding documents from paper to the web. That means faster cycles, lower costs, a better customer experience ensuring compliance, plus easy and fast reporting.

Electronic signatures are widely used and legally accepted since the year 2000, and Adobe’s EchoSign is an acknowledged leader with a 98% presence in Fortune and Global 1000 companies. The benefits of Adobe EchoSign supports:

  • Signers who insist on printing, signing and faxing back.
  • Capability for documents to be signed by anyone, anywhere with Adobe EchoSign on any computer, tablet or mobile phone with a web browser.
  • New business requirements and changing workflows.
  • A complete web contracting and document process from signing to archiving.
  • Highly secure SaaS environment.

Bond AdaptSuite with Adobe EchoSign provides a seamless onboarding solution for creating, sending, tracking, and managing electronic signatures for the various forms that a staffing company might need. These can include smart forms, event workflows, automated storage and filing, audit trails, and more.

Steve Taylor, Bond International Software Inc. President and CEO noted that “Bond continues to lead with world-class front-to-back-office staffing software solutions. These new integrations further improve efficiencies and business processes and when combined with our commitment to customer service and support, we believe that AdaptSuite offers staffing and recruiting companies an unbeatable choice to drive their business success”.

For more information on Bond AdaptSuite recruiting and staffing software or to schedule a demonstration, please visit or call 800-318-4983.


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