Bond and Newberry Consulting Group Announce Partnership

Newbury Consulting Group LogoThis partnership will benefit the customers of both companies by integrating Bond Adapt – the specialist portfolio of recruitment software applications – with the equally powerful and flexible Peoplesoft Staffing back-office system that encompasses payroll, billing, general ledger, payables, receivables and more.

Tim Richards, Managing Director of Bond International Software (UK): “We are very excited about this partnership between Bond and Newbury. Now our global clients will be able to radically improve transparency and efficiency throughout their organisations by having a single integrated solution globally. We see significant ROI being generated as a result.”

As John Weston, Managing Partner of Newbury, notes, “The problem in the past has been that there was no single, scalable solution available for global staffing companies to connect their operations with their financial systems. So over the years, they have been forced to deploy a variety of systems in each country. The result is inconsistent business processes, lost opportunity for economies of scale and over-spending on administrative tasks to keep the payroll, financials and front-office systems in sync. In addition, it has been incredibly difficult to get centralised reporting when you have many different systems across the world.”

Richards continues, “Now our global clients can get the best-in-class Oracle Peoplesoft for Staffing back-office solution integrated with the terrific front-office business process improvements available through Bond Adapt as a single, powerful solution.”

Richards comments, “I believe the benefits created by this partnership with Newbury form an important milestone in the evolution of global staffing software. It is an important part of Bond’s strategy to provide a single integrated solution for human capital supply chain management to the world’s largest recruitment companies.”