AdaptSuite Staffing Software Adds Enhanced Reporting & Analytics for Business Intelligence

 New AdaptSuite Reporting & Analytics offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use Business Intelligence (BI) solution for end-users that delivers fully customizable management reporting and dashboards

AdaptSuite Reporting & Analytics tool is now available, which delivers a comprehensive, easy-to-use Business Intelligence (BI) solution.

Temporary staffing and recruitment agencies have a driving need to gather and analyze information to enlighten their business decision-making, and thereby improve their business operations and profits. However, the software tools and computing resources needed to analyze huge quantities of data were the province of big companies with big systems, big IT departments, and big budgets.

The new Reporting & Analytics business intelligence solution solves this problem. It enables staffing and recruiting agency users to easily and cost-effectively build custom reports and dashboards that give them access to the information that is important to them in the format which best suits their business needs. This self-service tool provides flexibility in report formatting and style, more options to filter specific results, as well as time-saving features in executing reports; such as scheduling and emailing.

Reporting & Analytics offers a new framework for reporting that gives users new reports, advanced functionality and flexibility. Data visualization and adjustable formatting allow users to easily display and interpret the results of unique reports. Users can schedule regularly-run reports to be delivered by email when desired as well as schedule chained reports. Chain reports can be linked together in Reporting & Analytics so that a set of reports typically produced at the same time can be triggered from the execution of the set, saving time over running all reports separately. The easy-to-use interface provides the user with these impressive ad-hoc reporting capabilities without burdening IT resources.

The new AdaptSuite Custom Reporting & Dashboard Design Module gives users even more power to create unlimited custom reports and analytics, customize system reports with required formats, and create dashboard style graphical reports. Users can also manage the folder structure for storing their custom reports and control the permissions for the reports in each folder.

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