AdaptSuite Staffing Software 3.7 Release—Enhancements Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Increases Operational Efficiency

AdaptSuite 3.7 delivers several important enhancements to help staffing agencies ensure compliance and increase overall operational efficiencies.

With release 3.7, the agency has flexibility to manage the limits of sick time leave taken, reducing employer costs as well as maintaining company standards and ensuring compliance. Additionally, bill rates are auto-calculated on job orders and assignments, reducing deviation from standard rates and expediting assignments which improves the candidate, agency and employer experiences.

Another enhancement with release 3.7 is the updates that have been made to job order submittal reporting. With these updates, team activities can be managed more effectively based on informed decision making and optimized business processes. These added benefits can, in turn, improve overall company success.

Additional enhancements include direct deposit notification and tracking. These features provide updates on critical information that prompt action to verify accuracy, thereby reducing the risk of errors during payroll processing. Moreover, employer portion contribution calculation and reporting improve accuracy and compliance. Automated employee email communications regarding employment required for regulatory authorities and internal programs, further ensure fewer errors and increased compliance.

Overall with release 3.7, customers will find they have more autonomy in managing business processes that ensure regulatory compliance and increased operational efficiencies.

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