AdaptSuite Staffing and Recruiting Software Offers New Enhancements to its Flexible Configuration Capabilities

New AdaptSuite version 3.0 delivers the unique ability to tailor the system to staffing and recruiting needs while ensuring easy upgrades to the base software.

The newest version of AdaptSuite recruiting and staffing software has been updated to version 3.0 with new enhancements that enable temporary staffing and recruiting agencies to make configuration changes to the software based on their specialized needs yet easily upgrade the base software whenever a new update is released.

One of the most vexing issues for staffing and recruiting agencies is related to the specialized processes that each may employ in their business, and how their software handles these needs. No single standard software can possibly meet every business process variable out of the box. As a result, the staffing and recruiting software is often configured to meet those process needs.

However, when a staffing or recruiting agency wants to make changes to their processes, such as when adding a new line of business, they have to determine if their current software can support the initiative(s), and how much it may cost to implement those changes. Further, previous configurations made to the software can complicate the upgrade, as they may create conflicts with the upgraded software. This adds unwanted difficulty and costs to the upgrade. With these hurdles in mind, agencies may delay upgrading their software, reducing the ability of the agency to leverage any new advances in a software upgrade. Delaying software upgrades can also increase the total cost of the software and its support for both the agency and the software provider.

AdaptSuite staffing and recruiting software offers a solution to this challenge in its 3.0 release. For example, AdaptSuite can be configured to mirror and support a staffing and recruiting agency’s processes through its new Composition functionality. This gives agencies the ability to modify the visual appearance of the system to the end user. Equally important, AdaptSuite’s new Configuration Override functionality allows the creation of configurations supporting agency business processes to be maintained when the base software engine is upgraded. Thus, the agency is easily able to upgrade its base software while preserving its own unique software configurations.