Bond Adapt Flexes to the Changing Demands of the Modern Recruiter

Bond International Software, global provider of staffing and recruitment software, today announces its latest software update – Bond Adapt Version 11.9.5 – which includes Tempaid, Hirabl and Firetext integrations to provide recruiters with an even more powerful suite of tools to meet the demands of the customer. The update, currently available to its global base of customers, includes three new integrations alongside LinkedIn and SYNETY – plus AdaptCentral. As the ‘Year of the Candidate’ continues, Bond has continued its focus on providing a high-level of user experience for recruiters and recruitment agencies. With the latest functionality, users can now take advantage of the technology Bond and its carefully selected partners provide.

The latest version of Bond Adapt delivers the following main new features and enhancements:

Tempaid integration: Tempaid by Oxford Software is a back office recruitment software package that brings high levels of efficiency to all aspects of temp payroll and sales invoicing within the recruitment environment. An export capability for clients, contacts, candidates and timesheets is now available.
HIRABL integration: HIRABL provides actionable reporting on backdoor hires in order to reclaim missed fees and the ability to identify backfilled candidate openings and preserve hiring manager relationships.
FireText integration: FireText is a marketing tool to reach and engage with customers and candidates. The powerful platform can send and schedule SMS text messages in seconds. Messages can be individually personalised with a click of a button, including six different fields. Links (URLs) can be tracked using the SMS tracking tool and full delivery reports can be instantly viewed and downloaded.
LinkedIn Cross System Awareness integration: Seamless integration with Bond Adapt enables recruiters to view their candidate’s status without leaving the system, leading to incremental time-savings.
LinkedIn Recruiter InMail integration: Enhance the power of LinkedIn Recruiter InMail by attaching InMail messages you have received to the relevant candidate records in your Adapt database. Quickly create new Adapt candidate records from LinkedIn member InMail responses and effectively build your talent pool.
AdaptCentral: Candidates applying for a job listing are directed to AdaptCentral, an online portal provided by Bond. Candidates can find further information on the job role, upload CVs, apply with basic information or their LinkedIn profile. Recruiters can manage job applications via Adapt, importing only the records required.
SYNETY integration: CloudCall provides Bond Adapt users with functionality that allows them to drive advanced telephony functions directly – as well as on any webpage – using the CloudCall Chrome plugin. This enables Bond Adapt users to make calls directly from the CRM, with all calls being logged and recorded and available to download within the client and candidate record.

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, comments “We pride ourselves on developing products that enhance the performance of people at the frontline of the industry – recruitment consultants and agencies. We actively sought out integration partners, third party impartial advice and user feedback in order to develop our latest version which delivers a superior user experience to help recruitment consultants meet the demands of the market. The latest version of Bond Adapt will provide recruiters with a powerful tool set that will really set the agency apart when it comes to servicing clients and finding the perfect candidate.”