Imagine If Your Company’s Recruiting Software Supported Your Best Hiring Practices

If you’re a staffing and recruiting professional, you’re no stranger to software and computer issues. Unfortunately, problems related to software functionality all too frequently impede your daily recruiting activities. When you’ve pinpointed the perfect candidate for a perfect job opening, you want to move quickly and get a jump on the competition—not conduct a poll of the office because you can’t for the life of your figure out how to get your software to cooperate. While you’re banging your head on your desk in frustration, what kind of recruiting software do you wish for? What’s your dream solution that would help you streamline workflow and implement best hiring practices?

Imagine if your software supported best hiring practices with customized resumes.

What if your software could take a candidate’s resume and automatically create a new one for you, branded in your recruiting firm’s template per their standards? With just a few clicks you could edit it to better meet your client’s job order and send it to them quickly and efficiently. You would avoid the hassle of combing through different versions of contacts’ resumes that you’ve kept on your computer. There would be no more time-consuming edits to undertake or cutting and pasting back and forth, saving you time and effort.

Imagine if your company’s best hiring practices were augmented via interfaces with valuable applications.

What if your software was able to interface with third-party applications that support your recruiting firm’s best hiring practices? For example, your software could require that before a candidate could be placed, certain required tasks be completed and documented, such as background checks, skills assessments or drug testing. You could eliminate the stress of rushing to get a candidate’s testing completed before his or her start date. Instead, you could feel confident, knowing that every requirement has been successfully completed per your clients’ needs and company policies.

Imagine if you had more time for implementing best hiring practices.

No one likes to waste time at work. Instead of spending 10 hours per week on administrative tasks such as creating reports and updating Excel spread sheets, what if precious time could be used on selling or recruiting? You could have a role-based centralized dashboard that allows you to access reports, tracks contacts with clients automatically and alerts you to upcoming meetings and phone calls. In addition, it could compile the reports you need to track metrics and compare them to set goals.

Imagine if you had streamlined processes that supported best hiring practices.

If we conducted a poll, it’s safe to say that most recruiters would love to weed out the tedious points of their daily processes where things tend to bottleneck. Consider the possibilities if your front office sales and recruiting software could be seamlessly integrated with contingent employee payroll and customer billing. This integration would streamline your back-office processes, reduce data entry efforts and errors and enable your firm to deliver consistently reliable service.

Imagine if you had speed on your side when undertaking best hiring practices.

What would you do if it no longer took days to acquire the necessary tax forms and documentation from candidates? Rather than mailing out forms and waiting for them to be filled out and sent back, or waiting for candidates to find the time to come into your office, you could have  access to e-forms management that would collect client-specific documentation. Instead of taking hours or days, it would allow you to interface with software that could have it completed in minutes.

If you’re daydreaming at your desk waiting for your software to improve, know that your “imagine ifs” can become a reality with the right recruiting software. Learn more with Bond’s whitepaper, “10 Steps to Successful Staffing and Recruiting Software Selection.”

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