Avoiding hiring mistakes

Your clients have reviewed resumes, Googled candidates’ names and taken the time to interview each candidate. When they have finally made a decision about who to hire it seems like they’ve found the perfect candidate. However, just six months after making this decision the new hire is gone and they’re forced to begin the search all over again.

What happened?

It’s hard to tell. But, it’s proven that hiring and retaining the right employees is a crucial component of running a successful business. As a result, it’s up to a company to kickstart the process, get to the bottom of the issue and brainstorm a number of possible solutions.

The ability to match employees or potential candidates with the roles that are right for them and the business is fraught with confusion. As a result, many companies turn toward staffing and recruiting firms to provide clarity and solutions to the problem. After all, as a professional in this industry you’re trained to deal with the bumps that come up in the hiring process. You’re fine-tuned recruiting processes, instincts and ability to find and identify qualified candidates that best fit your customers’ needs makes you the right solution for customers who are tired of going through the rigmarole.

Here are a few of the problems many of your clients may have faced:

Hiring process flaws

Yes, it’s not a surprise that your clients may be making a few faux pas while conducting their own hiring process. It’s such a common flaw. After all, how is a piece of paper and a brief interview really going to tell them if a job candidate is a person who is going to put all of his or her effort into the job and deliver consistent results. It’s an inherently flawed system that a customer has to deal with, which is why it often makes sense to hire a staffing firm. As a staffing and recruiting professional, you have experience and tools in your recruitment and staffing software to provide you a more flexible and in-depth analysis of a candidate’s skills. You can facilitate the hiring process in a highly customized manner that fits everyone’s needs.

Unstructured entry procedures

Once a candidate has been selected, it is the onboarding entry process that is going to better solidify his or her opinion of an organization. If the hiring process is unruly and lacks the necessary steps that protect the worker and the company, he or she may feel uncomfortable from the get go. However, if the entry process is overly structured – perhaps even automated with no touch of personality or a welcome air, a worker is going to feel like just a number and that hardly instills a sense of trust and loyalty. You can create a positive experience by having a system in place that is structured, while also making sure the new hire is meeting new people and being welcomed into the fold.

Customized performance measurements

A company does have to work on some form of unified metric. However, not every person, situation or department is the same. The world just wasn’t made to fit “the one size fits all” module (except for baseball caps. Those seem to always fit!). A company needs to be sure that its performance metrics are not only objective, but that they also clearly identify and differentiate between top and bottom performers. Then, upon evaluation, it should be clear why the person has either thrived in a position or fell behind. Later discussions with the individual in question should provide both parties a sense of positive momentum on where each side can come together to better the situation on behalf of the worker and the company.

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