Are bad hiring decisions costing you?

We already know that employee turnover is a bad thing, according to some experts, and while it’s not always as the result of bad hiring decisions, it usually is. Hiring the wrong workers can lead to a lot of headaches, stress departments and halt production. Overall, it’s a thing to be avoided. However, do you know how much those bad hiring decisions are costing you?, the popular online shoe retailer, claims that bad hiring decisions have cost them well over $100 million. reports that CEO of the company, Tony Hsieh has said that hiring a bad manager can lead to a mess of problems because that one incompetent employee can turn around and hire 5, 12 or even hundreds more people who can’t appropriately handle the job.

Because of the nature of small businesses and startups, hiring fast and firing slow is common. However, Hsieh claims that he has found the opposite mantra is true and has changed staffing practices at the company as a result.

For this, and many other reasons, staffing and recruiting companies like yours are often better positioned to help their customers achieve their hiring goals. With your expertise and specialized sourcing and recruiting software, you can offer a more-effective out-sourced hiring methodology to get the right candidate in the right job.

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