All the Little Birdies

If your staffing business does not have a Twitter account, it may be time to give in and get an @ handle.  There is of course the obvious reason to join: Twitter allows recruiters to post quick links for open jobs where many candidates can see them. What else though?

Actually, there are several major ways a Twitter account can benefit your business. I found a great article on Social Media Magic about how you can use Twitter to your business’ advantage. The article discusses the impact your branded Twitter page can have on followers and brings up a good point; followers can experience your brand on Twitter. By visiting your website they can see your brand and find out about your offerings but with Twitter they can experience your brand as a living and communicating entity that is trying to actively engage those that they service.

Creating a specialized Twitter page with graphics (not from Twitter stock) and your company’s logo is relatively simple and inexpensive. See our Bond-US branded page here

So what are you waiting for? Get tweeting!

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