6 Steps to Grow Your Staffing Agency with Content Marketing

With all the competition in the staffing and recruiting industry today, it’s more important than ever to have a competitive advantage.  So how does a staffing agency rise above the crowd and noise of every other marketer in their space? One good answer is “content marketing” which refers to the development and distribution of content for the purpose of capturing the attention of your target market and positioning your company/brand as credible, authoritative, and useful.

This list of six “content marketing” methods that can help your staffing agency develop engaging and relevant content that gets found, read and shared by your target market and ultimately drives sales.

  1. Start a WordPress blog

    It’s free via WordPress, and it’s a great way to show that you’re in tune with the industry. Blog at least twice per month and each post should be between 250 – 400 words – Google likes fresh content that’s substantial.

  2. Do keyword research

    It’s free and easy via Google’s free tool. It will show you how many people are searching for words related to your product or service. You can use that information to make your website, blog posts, newsletters – in short, all of your content – more likely to be read by potential customers. Specifically, this means using priority keywords in titles (especially), subtitles, tags, and throughout your text.

  3. Give away great advice for free

    Offer relevant, useful information like “5 tips on how to find your next job” or “5 tips for finding your next great candidate.” This helps build trust and respect for your company and brand.

  4. Make your content easy to share

    Add social sharing buttons for social media venues like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. The more your are shared, the more likely you are to be found via Google and other search engines.

  5. Share every post you write.

    Post some text and a link to the rest on your company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

  6. Add your content to social sharing/bookmarking sites

    Add content to sites like StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg and Reddit.

Content marketing is the hottest marketing strategy on the planet, and there’s no reason that staffing companies shouldn’t be using it.  The most important things to keep in mind are focus your content on what is important to your target audience and develop a content calendar and stick with it.

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