5 Ways Talent Acquisition Professionals Can Improve in 2012

You probably don’t need another new year’s resolution, much less five (the number I have for you below). But all of us in the world of talent acquisition can do our jobs better, so I thought I would share how I plan to improve in 2012. (which was, all in all, very good):

  • Resolution #1: Help hiring managers stay ahead of the curve.

    It’s very, very easy to get frustrated with executives (at all levels) who think that hiring a high-quality candidate for a reasonable price is relatively quick and painless. Instead of getting frustrated, though, I (and other talent acquisition professionals) can think of myself as an educator of sorts. This means talking with hiring managers on a regular basis and making them think about the needs they will have in two months, six months, even a year.

  • Resolution #2: Make the talent acquisition process more efficient for and transparent to all involved

    . I want to make sure that efforts aren’t being unnecessarily duplicated, and I want to make sure that everyone involved in the process knows 1) Their place in the process and 2) How to quickly move the process along. If they already know, my efforts will reinforce their knowledge.

  • Resolution #3: Improve my candidate pool via social media

    . I’ve written a lot about the power of social media in the talent acquisition process, and I’ve followed my own advice – for the most part. I need to reevaluate my social media efforts and see how new technology and new social media venues open up ways to reach even more candidates.

  • Resolution #4: Make more frequent contact with candidates.

    I’ve lost some good opportunities because I hadn’t contacted a candidate for over six months. In other words, when the first response of a candidate is, “So who are you again?” I know I haven’t been proactive enough.

  • Resolution #5: Be more flexible.

    That is, with interviews. For the sake of efficiency and sanity, I want to get better about accommodating the complicated schedules and unforeseen obstacles (and subsequent cancellations) of potential candidates. We’re all busy, and a little understanding of that will go a long way for everyone.

Feel free to share any of your own resolutions or areas you plan to improve on in the comments below.

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