5 Ways Applicant Tracking Systems Improve the Quality of Hires

You track applicants (of course), but do you use up to date applicant tracking software? If not, you should. In the long run – and maybe in the short run – it will save you considerable time and money.

Here’s why you need good applicant tracking software:

  • You need – or will soon need – an edge on your competition.

    Most economists predict continued growth in U.S. markets, but no one knows if the U.S. economy will continue in slow growth mode or blossom into a rapid job-creating engine. Either way, the number of suitable candidates out there is bound to dwindle. You need to ensure that they are reading and responding to your jobs first.

  • You need to broadcast your job openings widely and quickly.

    You can enter information on Monster, your LinkedIn site, the local paper, and other sites…or you can use applicant tracking software to distribute job information automatically to hundreds of popular job sites.

  • You need a candidate search engine.

    Applicant tracking software can do a lot of web surfing for you, identifying and reporting on candidates who fit particular profiles.

  • You need seamless hiring workflow.

    Good applicant tracking software makes sure all necessary information gets from the applicant to your system to the recruiter, hiring manager, and anyone else involved in the hiring process. It also makes candidate information available to the hiring team at any time and, if desired, from any location. Moreover, it can pre-screen applicants so that you and your staff only evaluate the candidates qualified for the job.

  • You need comprehensive, automatic reporting.

    You don’t discriminate, but can you easily prove that to the EEOC or OFCCP? Applicant tracking software produces reports that meet government compliance demands. Custom reports – for internal audits or other analytic purposes – can also be created.

We know: the important subjective decisions involved in hiring can’t be automated. But many hiring processes can be automated, giving hiring team members the time to attend more carefully – and more collaboratively – on those important subjective decisions. That’s what applicant tracking software aims to do.

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