4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Job Posting

Because of the many challenges that come with recruiting in a tight labor market, recruiters often publish job postings on company websites and online job boards. When enough responses are collected from qualified applicants, this tactic can save recruiters time on sourcing for candidates. Online job postings are a great way to not only promote open positions, but to also expose online visitors to your business. Since a lot of companies and other staffing agencies utilize online job postings as a method for sourcing candidates, the below tips and tricks can maximize your chances of reaching your targeted talent pool toward order fulfillment.

  1. Pick a simple, searchable job title

The job title is the most important part in a job posting since it needs to match keywords that job seekers use in search queries. The client might say he or she is looking for a Customer Success Advocate and sends you a job description that describes a typical Call Center Customer Service Representative. Choosing to advertise an opening under a job title that is not commonly searched can be detrimental to your response rate. Make edits to client-specific titles and verbiage within a job description so that candidates will easily find your position.  

  1. Do not use the job description sent from the hiring manager without editing

After you have determined a simple, searchable title it can be tempting to simply use the job description provided from the hiring manager to save time. This approach risks a negative impact on search engine rankings and could potentially confuse job seekers. By developing original job posting content, you can easily ensure the verbiage is understandable and contains correct information.

  1. Point out perks, but don’t look like spam

When competing with other organizations for filling the same type of role, promote the company-specific perks that come with the position you’re staffing for. For some job orders, this may require some creative thinking and in-depth knowledge of the working conditions. For example, you might not see any competitive advantages for a data entry position in a typical office setting. Highlighting small perks like free coffee, a positive work environment, training opportunities, or any other benefits could potentially make your posting stand out and motivate job seekers to apply.

When identifying positive aspects of an assignment, be sure to avoid writing styles that could come across as spam, such as typing with the Caps Lock key on, excessive use of punctuation to emphasize something, grammatical errors, and being too vague in the job description. By presenting assignment information in a clean, professional format your posting is most likely to appear as a credible opportunity.

  1. Follow Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines

Following SEO guidelines for job postings is important for your website to become more visible on search engines like Google and Bing. Since job boards also use search engine technology in presenting opportunities to candidates based on keyword relevancy, it’s a beneficial strategy for most posting platforms. Although very much worth the effort, it can be time consuming for recruiters to create a job posting that meets all the necessary SEO requirements. Consider creating an SEO-friendly job posting template to easily input specific assignment information while maximizing your chances of getting the most online visibility.

Job postings are a great way to find new talent and engage passive candidates in your database, both on job boards and your agency’s website. By implementing best practices such as choosing a searchable job title and writing for SEO in a professional format, you’re more likely to receive applicant flow from qualified candidates. A recruiting software that is designed to keep your team at maximum efficiency will allow you to spend more time sourcing and less work on administrative tasks. For more information on how our front office solutions can make your recruiting processes more profitable, contact us today!

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