4 Staffing And Recruiting Tips To Attract Candidates Online

Whether through your website, blog, Facebook page or optimized LinkedIn profile, the success of your recruiting firm or staffing agency depends on its ability to attract the best candidates online.

So the question is “Are you doing all you can to build your online staffing and recruiting efforts?”  If you had to pause for even a moment, here are 4 tips you can start to leverage today to bring more candidates to your virtual door:

1. Build a Better Keyword List – What words do candidates use to describe or find your recruiting firm or staffing agency, before they know you by name? If you are able to answer this question, from the vantage point of your candidates, you will have a pretty good idea of the keywords that should be used in everything from your web copy, to your blog posts to your social profiles.

Remember that the keywords you choose will make up the foundation of your messaging and should be sprinkled throughout the content you create.  Also remember that the language used by your candidates is ever-changing, so always be open to researching and revising your list.

2. Create Content That Solves Problems – Finding the right job, or finding a job period, could fairly be assumed as a common problem for job candidates.  Imagine if your recruiting firm or staffing agency developed content designed to help these candidates – for instance, a blog post offering first time hire interview tips, or a skills assessment designed to help candidates zero in on their dream career.  This type of content, with the right keywords sprinkled throughout, not only helps attract candidates – it helps build up the trust that can transform into deep brand awareness.

3. Maintain Your Social Presence – It’s one thing to launch a Facebook page or LinkedIn profile – but quite another to maintain it.  When developing or updating your social plan, ensure there is a commitment to consistently posting updates, sharing content and engaging with other users.  Not only does this activity put off signals that can help to boost your search ranking, it shows your candidates that you are an active and knowledgeable firm or agency.

4. Give Your Employees a Voice – Candidates are not just looking for a recruiting firm or a staffing agency.  They are looking for someone they can trust.  This is a feeling that is very emotional and very personal.  And one of the best ways to start building this personal connection is to ensure your employees contribute to the output of your company.

Whether it’s through blog posts they author or social conversations they engage in, putting your employees out there can help to quickly attract candidates that are seeking a more personal connection to your firm or agency.

To learn more about how your recruiting or staffing agency can best take advantage of social media, and how our recruiting software can help, contact us or request a free demo.

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