Bond Software Announces Partnership with Maximus

Atlanta, GA: Bond International Software, a global provider of staffing software, announces its partnership with MAXIMUS, a leading provider of government services worldwide. The electronic I-9 solution provided by MAXIMUS is now available to Bond customers on eEmpACT, StaffSuite and seamlessly integrates with AdaptSuite Compass Onboarding.

“MAXIMUS is delighted to partner with Bond to make our electronic I-9 solution available to even more employers across the nation,” shared MAXIMUS President Bruce Caswell. “This is a strategic move for both companies, and I am confident it will enable us to reach more customers who are looking for streamlined, risk-reducing, and compliant approaches to onboarding.”

The partnership between MAXIMUS and Bond allows customers to reduce the risk of receiving hefty fines from government audits by ensuring I-9 forms are filled out correctly the first time. Validation checks within the system remove the possibility of human error. The system MAXIMUS offers is fully compliant with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s guidelines and is integrated with the USCIS E-Verify program.

This electronic I-9 system is a paperless solution that automatically submits employee data to the E-Verify program. It also uses automated notifications to alert an employer’s staff of documents that are close to their expiration dates and will need revalidation. MAXIMUS can also assist with unusual documentation situations, particularly those relating to I-9 and immigration issues.

Betsy Wilson, Director of Product Management, comments, “We are excited to provide this paperless technology for our customers to stay compliant on complex I-9 forms and minimize risk of expensive government fines. Our strategic alliance with MAXIMUS will further simplify onboarding and make it a fast and easy process for employees and staff members.”


Bond International Software is a global provider of Staffing and Recruitment software with over 40 years of recruitment industry experience. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices in the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China and Hong Kong, Bond has consistently achieved financial growth and maximized investment in the development of technology, services and support provided to its international client base.

Bond International Software, Inc., the North American operating company for Bond, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, has approximately 500 customers and 20,000 users. In addition to its other product lines, AdaptSuite is the flagship product tailored to the North American market with both Front Office and Front and Back Office deployments.   For more information please visit


Since 1975, MAXIMUS has operated under its founding mission of Helping Government Serve the People ®, enabling citizens around the globe to successfully engage with their governments at all levels and across a variety of health and human services programs. MAXIMUS delivers innovative business process management and technology solutions that contribute to improved outcomes for citizens and higher levels of productivity, accuracy, accountability and efficiency of government-sponsored programs. With more than 18,000 employees worldwide, MAXIMUS is a proud partner to government agencies in the United States, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

What to Expect from an I-9 Audit

The idea of undergoing an I-9 audit is intimidating, but if your company should ever receive a dreaded Notice of Inspection you’ll want to know what to expect and be prepared. By educating yourself on the I-9 audit process you and your company will feel at ease after every action has been taken to ensure compliance. The fines associated with uncompliant Form I-9s increased in 2016, so it’s essential that staffing companies are ready for an audit. Consulting your attorney will provide the best insight in how to prepare for an I-9 audit, however, the below information is designed to give you an overall glimpse into what can be expected during the process, and what you can do to be ready for it:

Legal Counsel

Be sure your staffing agency has a legal resource with experience in I-9 audits. If your company should have to go through an audit, it’s essential to have the right advice to guide you through situations you might be unsure about. Adapt customers who integrate with our I-9 partner, Maximus, have access to a team of experienced legal staff that specializes in employment verification processes. If your ATS software uses a third-party I-9 integration, be sure you are offered a similar resource, or learn more about our electronic I-9 solution by contacting us today.

Perform a Self-Audit

The best way to avoid paying penalty fines is to catch mistakes before a Homeland Security Inspector does. Typically, a self-inspection involves an internal HR team reviewing all I-9 paperwork and correct errors as they come across them. This does leave room for errors, depending on how thorough and educated the internal audit team is. If your staffing agency has taken the steps to retain legal counsel for Form I-9s, be sure to inquire on services to look over employment verification documentation for mistakes, and additional insight on what is scrutinized during an audit.  

Notice of Inspection – What Now?

If your company is ever served with a Notice of Inspection, you will have three business days to return the requested information to the Homeland Security Inspector. As you gather the required documents for review, do not make any changes or corrections without instructions from your attorney. If there is any legal counsel utilized to help with an audit, a Notice of Entry of Appearance as an Attorney form must be signed and submitted. 

Electronic Third-Party Provider

If using a third-party provider for an I-9 process, be sure to provide instruction on how the Inspector can search through documents and how the system captures electronic signatures, while meeting legal obligations. 

Final Steps

The Homeland Security Inspector will count the I-9 forms submitted and provide you with a receipt for the submitted documents, be sure to keep the receipt in a secure place. It will take 60 days to hear back on the audit results. Once the audit process is completely done, review and revise your I-9 processes as necessary.

The right electronic I-9 solution can provide peace of mind and take the stress out of audits. If you are interested in an electronic I-9 solution coupled with your onboarding process that provides legal counsel and ensures each form is completed correctly, contact us today!

West Country Recruitment Select AdaptUX to Bolster Long-Established Business for Future Growth

WestCountry Recruitment LogoWest Country Recruitment Ltd, Commercial/Office, Industrial and Accounts/Finance specialists, have selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to provide AdaptUX OnDemand recruitment-specific CRM via high-speed cloud service.

Formed in 1989, West Country Recruitment are the longest-established recruitment agency in Newton Abbot, Devon and have built a reputation for providing their clients, candidates and temping staff the highest levels of service.  With business, as opposed to recruitment backgrounds, their team recruited many staff themselves prior to starting West Country Recruitment and, as a result, bring a different approach to their recruiting practices.  Working in partnership with their clients to match their requirements, the team focus on the vacancy and the business as a whole to ensure candidates fit both the job and the company business culture. 

West Country Recruitment are members of REC and TEAM, hold a Gangmaster’s License and actively support the Government Age Positive campaign.

Keen to update their software, refresh their extensive database of candidate information and provide their consultants with technology designed to engender best practice, the West Country Recruitment team, headed-up by Managing Director Sophie Howe, began reviewing AdaptUX.  Howe previously used a version of Adapt when working with a multinational recruitment company and was keen to see how the system had progressed; and asses the levels of functionality contained within the OnDemand version available to smaller recruitment businesses.  Permanent, Temporary and Contract recruitment cycle workflows, powerful candidate searching tools and seamless integration with their third-party payroll software topped their requirements list; with the emphasis on streamlining their time-tested recruitment processes and boosting business growth.  As their review concluded, the team selected AdaptUX on the strength of its user interface, logical recruitment workflows, versatile candidate searching options and Sage integration.   Their OnDemand system also features-

  • Cloud/SaaS (Software as a Service) – Bond OnDemand enables users to log-in and use AdaptUX wherever they have internet access
  • Adapt Studio – enabling users to choose from in-built recruitment dashboards or design their own based upon their preferred working methods
  • Active Search – Saving time and effort for consultants by automatically running (and re-running) search criteria and updating ‘talent pools’
  • Adapt Outlook Add-in – enabling users to access client and candidate records and run recruitment workflows in AdaptUX direct from emails received in Microsoft Outlook
  • Adapt InTouch mobile app – allowing consultants to access AdaptUX via their smartphones and effectively recruit on the move

Sophie Howe, Managing Director, West Country Recruitment, comments, “Having used an earlier version of Adapt, I was interested to see how Bond had improved the software and, especially, how the features I imagined only big companies would be able to benefit from would translate to their OnDemand service for smaller businesses.  I was very pleased to find that the technology had taken a big leap with AdaptUX and the all-important, business development-centric features I hoped would be included, absolutely were.  The system is easy to use, the recruitment workflows have clearly been carefully thought-out and refined over time …and it simply works.  Features such as the InTouch mobile app, which certainly helps because we’re on call 6am to 8pm, and the smooth export to Sage are the ‘icing on the top’ of a solid, dependable system we highly recommend.  AdaptUX really is a ‘no-brainer’.”

Toby Conibear, Global Sales Director, Bond International Software, comments, “West Country Recruitment have been successful for many years through providing an admirable, ethical and professional service.  Their list of affiliations, accreditations and client and candidate testimonials is impressive, to say the least.  With a decades-long legacy of in-depth consultancy and solid placements, West Country Recruitment are also a great example of why it’s so important to implement the right recruitment-specific CRM within every agency looking to grow, whilst also retaining the processes upon which their business was built.  At Bond, we go to great lengths to listen to and meet the needs of our clients and we’re always proud to partner with those whose work speaks to the principles the industry should strive to uphold.  We are delighted they have chosen AdaptUX and we look forward to providing their OnDemand services.”

Warm-Up Those Cold Calls! – Five Business Development Tips for Recruiters

Business Development Tips for RecruitersWhether you’re a recruiter or a recruitment software provider, business development involves a lot of cold calls to prospective clients.  You know your recruitment services are second to none, but if you’re blocked by gatekeepers or speaking with the wrong people it can be tough to stay motivated.  Shane Wheeler, Marketing Communications Executive, Adapt, shares five tips from our Business Development (BD) team to help you warm-up those cold calls and reach more decision makers…

1. BIG call target? Break it down

Starting the day with lots of calls ahead of you can be daunting, but breaking them down by time slots can help.  If you have fifty calls to make, aim to have half done by lunchtime and set yourself mini-goals along the way like ‘Ten more calls by 3pm’ or ‘Five more calls and I’ll have coffee and biscuits’.  It’s fun to come up with new challenges to avoid feeling like you’re only ticking-off calls one at a time. – Nouri Saoudi, BD Manager

2. Call like you’ve never called before

Your CRM will most-likely store an abundance of notes regarding previous business development calls to prospects.  This information is invaluable in many ways of course, but when working through a long list of calls, it might not be necessary to read too much of it.  It might even work better to read very little and ‘go in cold’.  If it dampens your spirits to read several notes about brief exchanges with gatekeepers, avoid reading them and call like you’ve never called before…literally and figuratively. – Nouri Saoudi, BD Manager

3. Take it with a pinch of salt

Gatekeepers, from receptionists to team members, may say they’re not interested (often sounding like they’re speaking on behalf of the company), but they’re not the ones making the decision.  There are numerous stories where one contact at a company showed little interest, only for their colleague to progress things the very next time a Business Developer called.  So, find out who the decision maker is and only take their word for the state of play – take everyone else’s with a pinch of salt. – Paul Sandford, BD Manager

4. It’s not personal

It can be difficult, especially if you’re professional and diligent in your approach, not to take a tetchy rebuttal personally – but it isn’t personal.  You have no idea what the person taking your call is dealing with at that moment.  From problems at work to problems at home, they’re just as human as you and if one of those problems was enough to put them in a bad mood, they won’t think twice before curtly dismissing your call.  Next time, it’ll probably be ‘night and day’, so keep your cool and don’t overthink these things…especially if doing so negatively affects your own performance. – Paul Sandford, BD Manager

5. Take note!

Once you’re through to the decision maker, breathe, listen and take notes.  If you’re asked a question and you don’t know the answer, find out, get back to that contact, then make a note so you have the answer next time.  If you ask a prospect a question and notice it piques their interest, make a note and remember to keep asking that question during future calls.  If you’re often hearing similar objections, make notes and be more prepared to overcome them next time.  Make lots of notes, refer to them often, measure your success and turn hindsight into foresight. – Paul Sandford, BD Manager

Our Business Developers love to talk about your business – call them on 01903 707070.

Slash Culture: How Can Recruiters make it Easier for Temporary Workers to Find Their Next Job?

temporary employmentOver the past year there has been a dramatic change in attitudes to the job market, driven in no small part by the growing number of millennials now employed. One of the more surprising changes is the rise in ‘slash culture’, with many millennials now juggling more than one job. Our recent research has shown that millennials are profession shifters, moving between jobs and industries much faster than older generations. There is a higher demand from millennials for flexible working, with many opting to juggle two jobs rather than working fixed office hours.

Many millennials also see themselves as entrepreneurs, which explains the shift between different industries as they look to gain a variety of skills. Nevertheless, the fluidity in millennial employment may also be because organisations are not appealing to their values – our survey revealed a staggering 100% of respondents believe it is important that the company they work for stands for something.

Yet while the concept of temporary jobs is appealing to this generation, offering both working flexibility and access to diverse skills, the temporary recruitment process can be both slow and inefficient – something that will not appeal to the instant gratification expectations of the millennial.

This is a different approach to traditional temporary working – and it is therefore essential that recruiters really understand the new drivers for temporary employment amongst millennials and ensure they are truly responding to candidates’ needs and objectives.

Accurate Information

Millennials will be flexible and that provides switched-on recruiters with a great opportunity to manage and fill fluid demand. Millennials looking to take on more than one part-time role will be negotiating on working hours and planning their working lives around lifestyle rather than vice-versa. Recruiters need to be up to date with each candidate’s current working situation – including the days he or she is available to work each week. Regular updates are important to ensure the information is up to date and the use of accurate scheduling tools can transform the process of identifying which candidates are available for a specific role.

While flexibility is clearly important, the ability to attain skills diversity and insight into different industries is also a significant driver for millennials. Recruiters that are actively looking to place candidates in roles that enhance their experience will build stronger relationships. Using excellent search technology with strong filters and rated attributes really helps to match candidate skills with a job description, making it far quicker to identify and secure the right talent at the right time.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]While flexibility is clearly important, the ability to attain skills diversity and insight into different industries is also a significant driver for millennials.[/tweet_box]

With the values of an employer more important to millennials than any previous generation, it has become incredibly important for recruiters to both understand the culture of each organisation – and to match it to a candidate’s values. Ensuring the candidate’s attitudes and values are recorded within the CRM, alongside skills and qualifications, is now a prerequisite to ensure a good fit on both sides.

ManpowerGroup Selects Erecruit™ Enterprise Staffing Software Technology Platform

World’s Workforce Expert Chooses Erecruit as a Competitive Technology Advantage for Manpower and Experis in North America

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Consult RPM Selects AdaptUX for Ease-of-Use and Business Development Capabilities

Consult RPM LogoConsult RPM, the group consisting of Consult Tax, Consult Risk, Consult Finance, Consult Legal and Consult IT, have selected Bond International Software, the global provider of staffing and recruitment software, to provide AdaptUX OnDemand recruitment-specific CRM via high-speed cloud service.

Consult RPM work with clients across the UK, Western Europe, USA and Singapore via their London headquarters and offices in Sheffield and Manchester.  Each of their highly-specialised teams of consultants are experts in their respective sectors (including Financial Services, Pension & Benefits, Investment Banking, Risk & Compliance, Retail Banking, Reward, Tax, IT, Insurance and Technology); providing all clients and candidates with an exceptional breadth of knowledge.  With decades of experience spanning roles at all levels, from market-leading multinationals to SME companies, Consult RPM are ideally placed to help recruit the right candidates whilst consistently taking careers to the next level.  The agency are so confident in the quality of their services, they offer clients a 200% money-back guarantee on all Retained and Executive Search placements.

Looking to upgrade from their existing recruitment software to help boost company growth and more easily add new consultants/users, Directors Ben Howat, Brian Spolander and the Consult RPM team prepared a list of key requirements ahead of reviewing AdaptUX.  Top of their list was software ease-of-use, closely followed by functionality for streamlining admin, maximising KPI’s/targets, accurate CV parsing, geographic searching and mailshot campaigns.  Quickly impressed by the ease-of-use delivered by the AdaptUX user interface, Ben and the team proceeded to evaluate how the system managed their further requirements – via both an online demonstration with a Bond Sales Executive and their own trial of a ‘sandbox’ system.  As their review concluded, the following features solidified their decision to implement AdaptUX.

  • Cloud/SaaS (Software as a Service) – Bond OnDemand enables users to log-in and use AdaptUX wherever they have internet access
  • Adapt Studio – enabling users to choose from built-in recruitment dashboards or design their own based upon their preferred working methods
  • KPIs and Targets – active dashboards deliver performance information against targets at an individual consultant, team, office or region level; helping achieve business-wide objectives
  • Burning Glass integration – seamless integration between AdaptUX and Burning Glass delivers users robust technology to help capture relevant information automatically and accurately from CVs
  • Google Maps integration – candidate proximity to job vacancy details graphically displayed via Google Maps within AdaptUX
  • Gmail Google Chrome Extension – seamless integration between AdaptUX and Gmail enables users to run workflows in AdaptUX without leaving Gmail
  • Marketing Mailshots – enabling users to target relevant contacts or candidates with effective marketing mailshots. Bulk email using flexible templates, accurate formatting and personalisation details

Ben Howat, Director & Partner, Consult RPM, comments, “We are developing and building every facet of our business this year, so we required a new CRM capable of streamlining our processes, whilst delivering valuable KPI reporting to help boost our productivity and email marketing to help promote our services.  We also decided to move to a provider with straightforward monthly SaaS fees and the ability to add or remove users from the system hassle-free.  In Bond, we’re excited to have found a provider with the software and services to genuinely exceed our expectations.  AdaptUX is easily the most engaging recruitment software we have seen.  Believe the hype, AdaptUX means business.”

Toby Conibear, Global Sales Director, Bond International Software, comments, “We are delighted Consult RPM have selected AdaptUX to help realise their plans for business development and growth.  Consult RPM’s 200% money-back guarantee is a rarity within the Executive Search market, and one which only those most confident in their abilities would even consider offering.  Consult RPM’s confidence is clearly built upon their decade-long success.  The fact that their services are also underpinned by a carefully considered and practiced list of business ethics and values is all the more impressive.  We look forward to providing the software Ben and the team responded to – and we wouldn’t be surprised if we were adding many more new users to their OnDemand service soon.”

Erecruit™ Unveils New Brand Identity and Website

Company Debuts New Corporate Brand and Website Highlighting the Staffing Firms Who Bring the Software to Life

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