You Can’t Meet Your 2013 Staffing Goals With 2007 Staffing Software

New Year

With the arrival of 2013, the optimism felt in most staffing agencies is tempered with the impending challenges of a new year.  Perhaps the biggest trepidation felt by these agencies is determining how best to achieve overall goals in the new year.  If these agencies are still running with old technology, old staffing software for instance, this sense of trepidation can become even greater.  Antiquated staffing software systems that haven’t been replaced or upgraded to meet the new business opportunities in today’s market pose a significant challenge to overall success.

For an example as to why, let’s take a closer look at the rise of social media – perhaps the biggest game changer in the staffing industry over the last several decades.  The rise of smartphones and mobile applications has made Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn even more ubiquitous.

But five years ago Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were relatively new social media platforms.

Fast forward to today, and LinkedIn has grown into one of the world’s largest professional networking communities.  Facebook, meanwhile, has recently launched a Job Board that opens up millions of job openings to the network’s enormous user base.

It goes without saying that staffing agencies of 2007 were not optimized to leverage the power these platforms would eventually generate.  However, as these platforms grew in numbers and functionality, it became increasingly evident that staffing agencies required a social media staffing plan in order to succeed.

Because the staffing world of 2007 was so markedly different than the one we will enter in 2013, the staffing software solutions of that time will simply not take into account all the needs we will experience in the new year – particularly when it comes to needs generated by the growth of social media and mobile technology.

While integration with social media and mobile technology are perhaps biggest issues with outdated staffing software, there are other issues with archaic software that limit the potential for meeting 2013 staffing goals.

Today’s staffing software solutions are scalable and configurable, while providing the ability to generate the powerful analytics necessary to gain a competitive advantage.  Soon, many solutions will also be available in cloud or web-browser based versions, that offer the same level of security and performance that has always been a hallmark of leading solutions.

In a dynamic staffing industry, failure to innovate is not an option.  And for agencies still relying on software from 2007 or earlier, this means upgrading to a powerful new staffing software system, built for 2013, will provide the critical advantage necessary to survive and thrive.

If you are ready to move forward with new staffing software and technology in the new year, I encourage you to request a free demo of staffing software by Bond.

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